A Breakfast Smoothie to Go!

By | January 14, 2018

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day is a well know phrase. Nutritionists generally hold that view.

However a good breakfast is not always easy to achieve. Our hectic lifestyles mean that we often have little or no time to sit down to eat.

That’s where your smoothie maker will come in useful. Use it to make a fruit smoothie in three or four minutes. Then, if you don’t have time to have it at home, drink it whilst waiting for the train or when you get to work.

What fruit to use? Well you might think that fresh is best. Nutritionists argue over the benefits of fresh and frozen fruit. However it has generally been flash frozen and may well have retained more vitamins than “fresh” fruit that may be past its best. Frozen fruit certainly generally tastes better in a smoothie. And fresh fruit tends to make thinner smoothies – more like juices. Frozen fruit is also usually cheaper.

You can add yogurt, soy milk, skimmed milk or apple juice as well if you wish.

When buying frozen fruit make sure that t doesn’t contain any additives or sweeteners. Blackcurrants, blueberries, strawberries and cherries are always good choices. Frozen bananas are also a good basis for a smoothie. They’ll ensure that it’s thick and also give it a smooth texture. You’ll need to freeze these yourself – and its best to cut a banana in half before freezing in case you just want one half used or a whole one won’t fit in your smoothie maker. Avoid raspberries because of the seeds.

Smoothies are great to make for breakfast. They are full of goodness. And if you add nuts or oats to them it will help slow down the sugar absorption from the fruit into your bloodstream. Almonds can be an interesting choice – being especially good for the heart. The nuts or cereals will ensure that your energy levels remain higher for longer.

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