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By | December 3, 2017

“Low-carbon Speaker “Allow the world to use 56,800 tons of copper less

The world are advocating “low carbon living” concept, if Car Industry may be most of us can understand and reduce fuel consumption and emissions reduction is one of them, but the speaker of this product is how to do it? Da Xiao Fen total from the three aspects of it for us to answer.

1. Product itself is a low-carbon materials.

Low-carbon material is natural for human beings from it, after the beginning of processing, finishing, total energy consumption as low as possible to the finished product. Low-carbon products to low-carbon material, and low carbon materials include these parts: Environmental protection Materials, low energy materials, energy conversion rate of the material. The excited over a top priority in these three areas, is to use technological innovation to reduce the use of high energy materials, Fen up into a lot of R & D funding for research on integrated circuits, relying on research and development department, wrote integrated module chips instead of the traditional “copper, silicon steel,” Construction materials such as induction circuit control speaker mode. This part of the research and development work has been achieved breakthrough results. Completely resolve the low-carbon materials.

Total production of the current global speakers about 142 million units, while each speaker copper consumption average of 0.4 kg, this calculation, the total global consumption of copper speaker volume was 56,800 tons, should the calculation of its carbon emissions, only Copper will be unmistakable to a considerable total of other Consumables Is staggering. Therefore, if the speaker can spread the same manufacturing technology, effectively reduce the use of energy-intensive materials, improve energy efficiency, the progressive realization of low-carbon is not impossible. China Multimedia Speaker Industry, low carbon, also means that low-carbon global speakers, this is a considerable value of the global campaign.

2. Strive to energy-saving production processes.

Mainly embodied energy-saving production processes for the enterprise initiative. On the one hand, enterprises should consciously adopt low energy consumption equipment and technology to improve Energy Utilization, reduce carbon emissions per unit of output. On the other hand, enterprises should thoroughly implement and the implementation of energy-saving environmental protection awareness, while improving business efficiency and achieve low pollution and low emissions. Fen Fen up to be able to do that thanks to eco-park up to the green?? 16 Industrial Park, a green economy: rainwater harvesting, solar energy, recycling water, the park gave the industry to produce materials recycling bring fresh air.

3. Use the link in green.

Speaker of carbon not only in the corporate sector, more concerned about the user. Allow users to enjoy the same entertainment experience, and safe use of products under the premise of FENDA speaker to more energy efficient products. Both for the user to use the cost savings, but also for the community to save energy, to use from a product green.

Conclusion: Fen up to “low carbon” concept and low-carbon products unveiled Germany CeB IT , Represents the attitude of Chinese enterprises, but also set a low-carbon life banner. Carbon to consumer, business, society, nation and even the far-reaching of all mankind. We also look forward to more in the near future, firms with low-carbon life multimedia speaker’s camp, “low-carbon speakers,” will soon become the “low-carbon life” an integral part; “low-carbon life” for us ordinary people that is an attitude, not ability, we should actively promote and to low carbon living, pay attention to energy saving, water saving, fuel-efficient, solar terms, the start bit.

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