Picking The Right Mixer – Stand Mixer Or Hand Mixer

By | April 7, 2017

Cooking is a passion for some people. They do it every day and love to get creative with the dishes that they prepare. Any chef at heart will tell you that having a good and dependable kitchen mixer is a must.

There are many uses for a kitchen mixer. Whether you are mixing cream, mixing batter, making thick peanut butter cookie dough, or even just beating an egg a mixer will do the job for you and in less time than mixing it by hand.

When mixers are designed, they are made to withstand some serious pressure. Sometimes mixtures are very thick, such as the peanut butter cookie dough that was mentioned above. If you were trying to mix that by hand it would take a lot of strength and time. No matter how many ingredients there are, a mixer will defiantly make it easier for you.

There are two different styles of mixers for the household. They are the hand mixer and the stand mixer. The choice that you make will depend on what you need the mixer for. Both can be very helpful and there are great things about both.

If you are looking for the more light weight and easy to use mixer, the hand mixer is the right choice. No matter how much strength you have, a hand mixer will be light weight and easy to use. When it comes to clean up, the hand mixer will possibly need wiped down if the ingredients splattered and the beaters will need washed. That is all!

If the noise level is a concern, know that a hand held mixer can be slightly louder than a stand mixer. The noise level depends on where there motor is at in the mixer. The motors may be just as strong in either type of machine but the placement could make it louder when you operate it.

The dependability and strength of a mixer is not the only attractive part of owning one. They also come in really great colors and can blend right into the design setting of your kitchen area. No matter if you are looking for a black mixer or a red one you are sure to find it.

If storage is a concern for you, the hand mixer will definitely be easier. Because they are light weight and much smaller than a stand mixer they can be placed in a drawer or even a cabinet and will take up just a little space in each. They are very compact so it makes it much easier to store.

Most stand mixers are a lot more bulky than a hand mixer. They tend to be displayed on the counter tops or, if there is room, put away in a cabinet somewhere. Storage is definitely a bigger challenge with a stand mixer.

Just like the hand mixers, you can find stand mixers that will look wonderful in your kitchen no matter what design you have. You can decide what color you would like and in some cases have the entire set, even the bowl, in the color of your choice.

If you are looking for a mixer because you will be making a large amount of a food, a stand mixer may be the best choice for you. With a stand mixer you can add the ingredients in a bowl and let it do the work. You will be freed up while the mixer is taking care of the mixing to finish the other preparation that you need to do.

Kitchen mixers come in very handy for many reasons. Whether you are a chef or just love to cook, having a kitchen mixer will be a definite help.

Melinda Kingsley is a mother of 3. She has created a mixer review blog. She aims to help her readers choose the best kitchen mixer in her blog.

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