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Trenta Küche Manuelle Saftpresse Fruit Lemon Lime Orange Squeezer – 16,9 oz/500 ml Behälter – POUR Auslauf – Perfect Entsafter Tasse für Kinder

Tenta Kitchen Obst manueller Juicer Lemon Lime Squeezer orange – 16.9 oz/500 ml Dose – Pour Spout – Perfect Entsafter Tasse für Kinder Produktdetails Greifer – Tiefe: 7,9 cm, Durchmesser: 9,1 cm, Eigenschaften: Cutey, hart, glatt, für Squeezer – Höhe: 6,3 cm, Durchmesser: 9,1 cm, Eigenschaften: Ideal zum Drücken und leicht zu reinigen, weiches Material… Read More »

Smoothie Recipe:Advantages of Delectable Fruit Smoothie Recipes

More and more individuals are adopting fruit smoothie recipes nowadays due to various health benefits attached to it. Fruit smoothie recipes are mostly suggested for those people who find themselves stringently on low calorie diet. The best thing about these delectable smoothies is that they are tremendously effortless to prepare and are extremely healthful as… Read More »