Toasters From Kid Catering Equipment

By | October 10, 2017

Any catering establishment will need to have a well designed toaster in order to meet the popular demands of toast! KiD Catering Equipment stock a full range of top brand toasters including Dualit and Lincat toasters that will cater for the demand of use within a  catering establishment.

Dulait toasters are built for commercial use and come in various sizes. Dulait toasters share timeless classic styling and have features’ that are reliable. They operate with a single timer, and have a mechanical arm to push toast up and down in the slots. One popular feature of Dualit toasters is that they have no pop up system like many older designed toasters. When the toast is finished it won’t pop up it will stay down in the toaster to keep warm. This is particularly handy if you are working in a busy kitchen and have lots of food to prepare and keep warm.

The design and the simplicity of Dulait toasters means that they tend to last a lot longer than the average modern toaster. When you buy a Dualit toaster from KiD Catering Equipment you are making an investment, we also do spares and repairs on many of our kitchen equipment so if you should ever have any problems with your toaster don’t go out and spend more on a new toaster get it repaired at a fraction of the cost from KiD Catering Equipment.

Another popular toaster that KiD Equipment stock are Lincat toasters. This range of toasters are designed to withstand the rigours of commercial use. The Lincat slot toasters feature powerful elements and extra deep slots to ensure that the toast gets fully cooked. Lincat conveyor toasters delivers high output, these toasters are great for the larger kitchens. They also have an adjustable heat and conveyor speed controls which can be used to regulate the browning levels of the toast.

If you are looking for a toaster that’s going to cope with the demands of commercial use then visit KiD Catering Equipment for top brand toasters including Dulait toasters and Lincat toasters.

KiD Catering Equipment has been offering different types of commercial catering equipment including Dualit and Lincat toasters and restaurant kitchen designs since 1991.