Tupperware Grow Box

By | January 8, 2018

Assuming you are not looking to produce a huge yield the Tupperware grow box might just be up your alley. The advantages of using a large plastic crate as your grow box are that it significantly reduces your construction time and materials, it is made of plastic so no plastic lining or sheeting is necessary and it looks very inconspicuous. Some downsides to this setup are of course that plastic crates are at most two and a half feet tall so growing large plants is out of the question. Many utilize this box as a “launching platform” for their box overall, meaning that once plants are started they are transferred to a larger grow area.

Lighting on this grow box needs to be external since there is simply no room inside to speak of. Using a tall lamp on a pole one fixed to your ceiling or other high vantage point beaming down on your box is the best idea. Many like to drill holes in the lid of the plastic crate and insert lights through it however this can often be more trouble than it is worth since it requires literally dozens of small lights which raise costs significantly.

Using several small pots or plastic containers within the box is my chosen method of using a Tupperware grow box, however if you are so inclined you could fill the box with soil and fertilizer and then insert plastic dividers. Once the dividers are in place you could then put in your “mother plant”, clones, mature, and budding plants. I prefer having several different pots more for convenience sake but this is more a matter of preference than of effective grow strategy. Just make absolutely sure that your divider goes all the way to bottom, you do not want root problems.

A Tupperware grow box is an awesome way to go because you can put it anywhere while not receiving light and no one is the wiser. Just throw the lid back on and slide it into your closet or on the back porch and no one is the wiser as to what it is. This is another reason to go ahead and use external lighting as opposed to drilling holes in the lid and putting the lights through them. This is an all around simple and effective grow box and a great way to get started as a growth enthusiast.

This is the perfect grow box someone looking to have a yield of 2 ounces every sixty days. Those looking for larger yields are better off using a different box strategy or using this grow box in conjunction with one that can allow plants to grow larger once they have outgrown the plastic crate. The Tupperware grow box is ultimately a simple and easy to use setup that anyone can understand and utilize however you must bear its limitations in mind before getting started to ensure you do not find yourself in a sticky situation with plants that have nowhere to grow.

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