Whirlpool Eva H65

By | January 21, 2018


Whirlpool Eva H65 is a fully automatic washing machine which will take all your tension of washing clothes on itself. This machine from the house of Whirlpool comes with sixth sense feature which according to the wash load and wash program selected sets optimum water and detergent levels to give you the best wash performance. Let?s find more about this machine.

Key Features

With the 8 wash care programs, Whirlpool Eva H65 is one of the most sought after washing machines. It also has an automatic detergent and bleach dispenser. With this feature in the machine, you do not need to put detergent and bleach manually with every wash. The machine will do the things for you. You just need to put water and clothes.

If you want to wash clothes in warm water then Whirlpool Eva H65 provides you with the option of hot wash. In this you can get the temperature up to 450 C.


Whirlpool Eva H65 is a very compact washing machine. It will take very little space in your kitchen or anywhere you want to keep it. Being front loading it will not create any problem even if you place it just beneath a shelf. Its timer and other setting buttons are on the front not on the top. Hence, it will prove very beneficial if you buy this product.


Whirlpool Eva H65 has the capacity of 6 kg of dry cotton clothes in one wash. This gives you ample quantity. Now you do not need to worry about your dirty clothes, they will be sparkling after you put them in to this machine.

The machine works with the power supply of 240V single phase. This means you don?t need any extra electrical power to use this machine. The machine has the automated time duration. You can set the timer and leave the work on the machine.


Everything about Whirlpool Eva H65 Washing Machines are perfect. The results of the wash are great.

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