How To Pick The Right Mixer Grinder

By | July 1, 2017

Mixer grinders are available on the Indian market under a variety of brand names against wide price range. This wide availability often makes us confused to decide on the best mixer grinder. However, one thing is for sure that there is nothing called the best mixer grinder because almost all competitive brands maintain their quality to retain their market share.

Before buying a mixer grinder, one must learn depending on its use, which one is the right mixer grinder for a kitchen.

Tips To Buy Right Mixer Grinder For Kitchen

1. Before purchasing a mixer grinder one must check the utility and frequency of use of the machine. A mixer grinder should be purchased according to its use.

2. In case it is found that the grinder part of the machine is more in use than the mixer part, in this case, the machine should be chosen with powerful motor so that the durability of the machine is enjoyed at its optimum rate.

3. Before purchasing a mixer grinder one must check the availability of its spare parts and the price of the spare parts. This is to be checked also if the opted mixer grinder for purchase is covered by warranty period.

4. Before purchasing a mixer grinder it is always safe to search online for the review of the competitive models available on the Indian market. It is always safe to be with the branded products because it ensures quality of the product without any risk.

5. Overload in the jar is a common problem with mixer grinder operation. Before purchasing a mixer grinder one must check if the machine is loaded with overload protection.

6. It is better to purchase a mixer grinder with 2-3 numbers of jars. In fact the more number of jars the machine offers, the more functions are available for the facility of the user. These jars are available with different sizes; this is an extra advantage of quantity and energy management with the mixer grinder.

7. Two types of switches are available in mixer grinders in the Indian market. Piano switches are more convenient for use. Rotary switches have dials but they can be inconvenient to use as these are break prone. Most of the mixer grinders available in the Indian market have rotary switches so options become limited here, still one should try some piano switch options.

8. It is better if the machine can run in 3-4 different speeds. It ensures better management of energy and target work.

9. While purchasing a mixer grinder one must check if the machine comes with a pulse or incher facility as it is a useful feature for chopping soft foods like parsley, onions, hard boiled eggs etc.

10. It is better to have a mixer grinder with locking system. This ensures better safety with the machine, especially when it is not in use.

11. It is always wise to keep an eye on the target budget while purchasing the right mixer grinder for the kitchen. Once all the desired features are available with a reputed/reliable brand, it is wise to go for that.

Now while purchasing your next mixer grinder take a note of the above features. If these features are available in a mixer grinder machine model, you can safely assume it is the right mixer grinder for your kitchen.

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Narayan Shankar , in this series of kitchen appliances related articles throws some light on the most basic of kitchen appliances such as mixer grinder, best Mixer grinders and sandwich maker.

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