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By | February 12, 2018

Plum blossom Lock Industry Group Chairman Cheng Hei Long started business 47 years, it can be said to be good time. With a little that he is Padlock Ten years or so boarded a lock on the king’s “remake”, year built and fashioned lock on the output value of 140 million yuan, of which exports have more than 900 million. Last year in August, China National Hardware Association awarded plum Lock Industry Group “China Top Ten Lock King” title, the Cheng Lung-hi on the specially built this to “lock the king.” Hi, this year has been 61 years old Long Zheng, but he still at the helm with plum Locks, daily shuttle is still busy in the workshop.

” Mandate of Heaven “pump waves in the sea

Earn a four-year, 50,000 fine. This is the beginning of Cheng Loong hi set the target of the sea. Long Zheng Xi is a technical background, from the first day of work and Lock Forged a bond. Pujiang County, he did nearly 20 years of state-owned Lock Factory, and later fought in Yiwu, Yiwu City Lock Factory when the deputy director, or the technology to do live.

When the director, did another outstanding performance, year bonus up to only 23 thousand dollars. Soon “to know fate of a” Long Zheng Xi thought sea go it alone. “People can do to sell lock lock themselves can do,” Long Xi Zheng told reporters Zhejiang Market Guide. Just when he thought around the corner

, when he Pujiang County parent-like Zheng Yumin’s words gave him an assurance Zheng Yumin River who encouraged the sea try their hand?? Farmers into the sea, the sea when the cadres can also try their skills.

1992, Zheng Long hi resigned to Yiwu by an owner of 15 million, the second year running from the Lock Factory. They just produced when the padlock on the market is only 30 mm one specification. Long Zheng Xi With technicians on the old foundation, development and production of 25 mm size of the padlock, as Paodingjieniu like such a simple “variant” Let Xi Zheng Long tasted the sweetness of 1994, he was easy to earn more than 20 million.

Why the name “Plum Blossom”? Long Zheng Xi said the plant is up and the first month in office, the first month in plum blossoms, the product produced, and therefore the occasion to take a “plum”, indicating the name for the plum blossom, plum products for, and immediately apply for registration to the Trade and Industry Bureau. His idea was very simple: people have names, products should also be a name different from the others.

Now look back and Long Zheng Xi’ve been fortunate in that policy. He randomly selected the “Plum Blossom” brought great convenience to him, the five petals plum uniform distribution, a good padlock on the plum blossom design printed, and that the production of plum trademark Mold Not be damaged.

Gengrang Long Zheng Xi pleased that since then, plum lock industry, the way the brand had a good start, in 1999, “Plum Blossoms” lock brand for the Jinhua; in 2001, made of Zhejiang province ; in 2002, and from China Daily Hardware Association took home there, “Chinese padlock center” the gold standard.

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