Raclette Party – Tips To A Successful Raclette Cheese Party

By | December 18, 2017

The term Raclette actually has two meanings – it refers to both a meal and a type of cheese, which is (also) called Raclette Cheese. Raclette, the traditional dish, is done by melting cheese and scraping it off to a plate of boiled or roasted potatoes, pickled onions, grilled prawns, tomatoes, ham, or some marinated chicken or beef.

Raclette, the meal, is originally from Switzerland and is one of the most loved dishes in the region. On top of that, it is also very popular in other parts of Europe especially in France and Germany. The best Raclette Cheese is made in the alpine villages in the Swiss Alps, which is rumored to be the secret behind its very unique flavor and excellent melting characteristics. It is also great for a classic cheese fondue, but the well known Raclette dish is a more exciting and interactive way of enjoying the delicious Raclette cheese.

While there are already modern electrical appliances or Raclette grills that are used to make the dish, some people still prefer to enjoy scraping cheese off a wheel in front of a campfire. However, even though the method of melting Raclette cheese has changed through the years, the Raclette meal is still very easy to prepare. Using the simplest of ingredients, anyone can host a festive and interactive Raclette party in no time!

Here are some useful tips to a successful Raclette Cheese Party:

If your table at home is too small to fit a Raclette grill and all the other ingredients, you can try putting the Raclette grill on top of a mini table so that you can have more room for the ingredients under the grill. Or if you want, you can just buy a smaller Raclette grill for more intimate Raclette parties.

If you are planning a Raclette party for a larger crowd and you are unsure if you can cover all the costs for the ingredients, you can ask your guests to bring something with them – pickled cucumbers, a jar of olives, a bottle of wine, some meat, etc. And because the ingredients need not be prepared beforehand, it will not be that much of a hassle for anyone.

In order to make sure that everyone gets a fair share of Raclette cheese as well as the other ingredients, it is better that you allocate a plate with a bit of everything in it to every person or to share between two. Aside from equally sharing the ingredients, this also minimizes the need to pass different ingredients around the table.

Melted Raclette Cheese served at home makes a delicious, hearty meal. At the same time, the meal itself is also highly sociable and is ideal for entertaining family and guests. So if you want a new and entertaining way to humor your guests, get some Raclette cheese and have a Raclette party!

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