5 Equipments for Brush Clearing

By | August 13, 2017

Whether you are expanding your lawn, caring for overgrown fields and meadows or clearing overgrown land, clearing brushes is an inevitable task which can be daunting. Brushes consist of low growing shrubs, bushes, wild grass and weeds. Out of control brush may cause brush fires or weeds and unwanted shrubs taking the place of plants you would like to grow.

It is important that you clear up the mess from the land and make the space clear for your use. For this, having the right equipments is crucial as proper management of brush clearing techniques may decrease the risk of brush fire and hence can increase the productivity of pasture, grass and your choice of plants or flowers.

Here are 5 most preferred equipments that are widely used these days for the purpose of brush clearing:

* Brush Mower: For clearing large areas of overgrown land, brush mower is considered the best bet. Mowers are real beasts in the field. They can easily chop through saplings of 3″ thick and don’t pause even at tough weeds and grasses. There are two types of mowers, one is walk-behind mower that is accessible even at walking areas and the other is tow-behind model, which are used for really large fields or meadows.
* Brush Grubber: It is a set of metal jaws with spikes that dig into a small tree or stump. Thus it is beneficial as brush clear equipment when it comes to removing just one sapling here and there or a small section of brush.
* Feller Bunchers: It is a dual function track mounted machine with a hot saw attachment that is capable of cutting and holding more than one tree trunk at a time. Designed specifically for land clearing operations, the fell bunchers cuts and stacks trees at a pace much faster than any hand crew with chain saws.
* Stump Grinder: There are some ugly and annoying stumps, apart from larger trees, which are equally important to be cleared in order to achieve well maintained field for plantation. The quickest, easiest way to get rid of them is to grind them away with a stump grinder.
* Hydro-AX Mulcher: It is a powerful mulching attachment which helps in uprooting unwanted vegetation, including trees up to six inches in diameter. Moreover this mulcher can transform the debris into mulch in a matter of seconds.

Brush clearing equipment help you combat what is grown in your path. Choose sturdy, sharp edged blade equipment and make your way clear by removing unwanted vegetation.

Article Source: https://www.apsense.com/article/5-equipments-for-brush-clearing.html

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