Why Are Fruit Juices & Smoothies So Popular? Part 2

By | November 19, 2017

A Juicer And Blender Must Be Used As Much As You Use A Cooker

This very simple piece of advice should be followed and shows the importance that raw nourishment plays in our lives. This is even truer if you are someone who wants to have a natural diet which is better for our bodies. You should therefore own a good quality juicer and powerful blender or smoothie maker if you really are keen to invest in your health. These will ensure that the right amounts of living nutrients in liquid form are being provided to your body and can be more easily absorbed.

Not only do juicers and blenders have different functions but also different benefits as well. A juicer is specifically designed to extract the liquid found in fruit and vegetables from the fibre or pulp. If you want to make sure that your juice has as much goodness as possible then purchasing a good quality juicer is crucial and should only leave a small amount of the fibre or pulp behind after juice has been extracted. Another good thing about purchasing a good quality juicer is that these will ensure that any residual agrochemicals in non organic fruit and vegetables remain with the pulp or fibre rather than getting into the juice. As much of the pulp and fibre of the fruit and vegetables is discarded by a juicer the stomach is able to absorb the raw fruit and vegetables more easily. Because of this easy absorption the stomach doesn’t need to use as much energy in order to digest the food we consume.

Juicers can help to provide the same if not more goodness for your body as if you were to eat fruit and vegetables in their natural raw state. A pound of carrots along with an apple and half a head of celery placed in a juicer will in a matter of minutes give you all the goodness your body needs. As well as the juice being rich in minerals and vitamins it is much easier to digest and certainly it won’t take you so long to get the goodness from these if you were to eat them in their natural raw state.

A juicer can help you to combat the effects placed on our bodies by the modern western diets we follow as they ensure that we have easy access to living nutrients that the body needs and which cooking removes. But one must ensure that we still eat plenty of fibre as well because remember most of this is removed when juicing. Through the right diet and drinking plenty of nutrient rich drinks you will soon begin to see your health improving.

When you use a blender the whole fruit or vegetable is incorporated into the drink which is much thicker and these are called smoothies. Some blender manufacturers have chosen to market their blender’s as “smoothie makers” because of the popularity of this particular health drink. But what you really need to know is that there is no difference between a smoothie maker and a blender in fact when you look at them you will see they are exactly the same machine.

When it comes to smoothies (or blended health drinks) because they are much thicker it takes longer for your stomach to digest them than it would a fresh juice drink, yet they still offer the same benefits. In fact smoothies contain large amounts of fruit and will have a juice base made using freshly juiced apple, orange, pear or melon juice to which is added frozen fruit such as bananas or berries. Because of the use of frozen fruits the blender must be powerful in order to complete the blending process. But you don’t need to just drink fruit based smoothies you can add other healthy ingredients to these drinks such as wheat germ, yoghurt or oatmeal.

When raw food enthusiasts are considering buying a new blender they choose to invest in commercial grade models. These have the power to be able to turn fibrous raw vegetables in to raw soups very quickly and can still be used for making smoothies and other nutritional foods. The fresh juice you get from a juicer can prove satisfying but a smoothie made in a blender is like drinking a meal from a glass. It provides you with the chance to use a large array of ingredients including super foods and turn them into delicious drinks. By making your own juices and smoothies you can use them in a variety of different ways. You can use them to cleanse your body, repair and heal it, build blood or just to boost your energy levels.

So What’s Stopping You?

As you will soon discover when you use juicers and blenders to create smoothies and juices each day in your own kitchen they will provide you with many healthy benefits. Fresh will always be best for you and your body and although you may be able to walk to a juice bar, it won’t be as much fun as making smoothies and juices in your own kitchen.

With the current credit crisis we are all looking for ways to reduce our outgoings and making your own juices and smoothies can help. Making your own juices will not only improve your health but will over time improve your finances as you will find you spend less on buying highly processed convenient foods and instead going more for foods in a raw state. But along with saving money there are other health benefits to consider along with weight loss such as an improvement in your energy levels, you won’t find yourself getting so many winter colds, your immune system will work better and you won’t feel so tired so often.

The sooner you start making your own juices and smoothies then the sooner you will begin to reap the benefits that this healthy drinks can offer your body. But you should remember that juicers and blenders do vary and when buying one it is better to go with the tried and tested models as this will further help to ensure that you have fun when you make your own smoothies and juices at home.

If you will be regularly blending frozen fruit in your smoothies ensure that you purchase a powerful blender to cope with this type of food. Another thing to consider when you are going to be making your own fresh juices is to get a juicer that extracts as much goodness and leaves lots of the pulp or fibre behind. The best types to buy are the masticating juicers rather than the normal centrifugal juicers which are available in most high street electrical stores.

Having problems getting this equipment, then don’t despair UK Juicers Ltd offer a Europe wide delivery on a wide range of proven juicers and blenders that you can purchase from them. But not only do they offer this service for those of you who are having difficulties deciding which juicer and blender to buy they offer advice through their bespoke email and telephone service.