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De-fen: Yuehao To The Supremacy Of Credibility And Development Jewelry – Jewelry – Jewelry Industry

Approaching 51, a new round of jewelry Consumption Will enter a golden season. Shenzhen gold jewelry enterprise workers work overtime in busy though, but the bosses are exceptionally heavy heart. Late last year the price of gold has just crossed the 500 U.S. dollars raw material / ounce mark before April of this year rose… Read More »

Da Xiao Fen Fen: A Low-carbon Future Speakers To Lead The Industry! – Fen Up, Carbon Speaker – Sound

“Low-carbon Speaker “Allow the world to use 56,800 tons of copper less The world are advocating “low carbon living” concept, if Car Industry may be most of us can understand and reduce fuel consumption and emissions reduction is one of them, but the speaker of this product is how to do it? Da Xiao Fen… Read More »