Al Gore and Live Earth

By | April 1, 2018

Isn’t it amazing how vocal the doom-sayers are, and all the time. They never let up. What is it with them. I have often wondered at the folk that are around that always have to tell you that it won’t work, waste of time, bad idea, not worth the effort and many many more negative statements.

There they are, dependable as ever, sprouting out about the bad things about the Live Earth concerts. There was an article on newsvine that was ridiculing Madonna’s performance at the concert. I only read the first paragraph, but there were already 146 comments and umpteen votes for the article. I’m sure I could find a huge amount of bad things to say about the concerts, for instance the one in Germany wasn’t as full as the organizers had hoped.

And of course the concerts would have used electricity, water, created plastic cup waste etc etc. Loads of things that one could find wrong with the whole idea. But then there are loads of things right with it as well. First of all, it got the word out to a fair number of people, in fact thousands, that the earth is worth looking after.

That message might not be that important to those negative individuals. I’m sure for them the earth is doomed already in any case, or else, they have their head buried in the sand and are pretending there is nothing going on.

After all there is no global warming. No destruction of fauna or flora, nope, nothing happening. No major Tsunamis, forest and veld fires, no earth quakes, no floods, no hectic droughts, no increase in temperature and definitely no hungry people. All those are in the imagination of some scaremongers.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Al Gore, the person who a lot of Americans wrote off as a non-leader during the elections which somehow went to Bush, the guy who people said was colourless and bland and no true leader. This same person has not only won an Oscar for a documentary, he is short listed for a Nobel peace prize.

This supposedly boring individual has managed to enthuse people to hold world wide concerts to kick start an entire public relations and advertising campaign to get the message of Live Earth across. And it is good that he is talking to the youth. The older generation are already recycling and worrying about the sustainability of the earth and its hugely growing population.

The concerts are the start of a three year campaign to actually mobilize mankind to rethink how the world is being treated. Gore has been taking his talk and slide show around the world already. He has spoken to thousands. He needs help. He cannot do this on his own.

By creating an awareness globally, he is also hoping that he might be able to fire up some further disciples and have some help to get the message across. It will be interesting to see how he fares with this. Instead of criticising we should be eternally grateful that somebody is BOTHERING.

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