Small Gas Grills – Things To Consider Before You Choose & Buy

By | April 23, 2017

If you’re thinking of buying a small gas grill, there a few thing you should have a think about before making your final choice.

Most people looking to buy a small gas grill, are doing so because the space they are going to be cooking and grilling in is small, simple really. So you should first measure that space. Makes sense.

Small grills are commonly used on small balconies, patio’s, veranda’s and courtyard gardens. So stand in that space, give yourself extra to move around the grill and then you will have a fair idea of what size grill you can comfortably fit into the space you have available.

Another great thing about small gas grills is that you can take them out with you, to a friends or the park or the beach. (Just in case you can’t bare to be separated from it). If you are thinking of doing this, then you need to know how small they are when they are folded. Will you be able to fit it into your car, or carry it on public transport?

Finally, have a think about where you will be storing your gas grill when not in use. No, you really shouldn’t leave it outside 12 months of the year. Keep the available storage space in mind when buying also.

Having bought your grill, think about buying or making a cover for it. This will pay for itself as it will no doubt lengthen the life of your grill.

It’s important after buying the grill that you log it with the manufacturer, there are a few reasons you should do this.

1. You invoke your 12 month or extended guarantee. Don’t forget to do this, and yes sometimes things can go wrong with them.

2. The supplier will often contact you with news and updates on your grill, which are handy to know.

3. If there are any re-calls or call backs on your grill you can be easily notified.

A call back is a good thing in a sense and a positive step that a supplier or manufacturer can take if they have found lots of customers and users reporting problems with the product.

Taking care of your grill. The best way you can care for your grill ensuring you get maximum effectiveness out of it is by regular cleaning. Yes boring, but essential. Using a cover is also a good way of making sure it is protected.

How much should you spend on a small gas grill. Well that really does depend on your budget, however for maximum functionality you really do not need it to sing and dance for you with bells and whistles. Just make sure it does what you really want it to do, and fits where you want it to go.

And finally, remember a gas grill doesn’t have to be for warm weather only. You can have great fun all wrapped up on a cold winter day, sitting outside enjoying healthy grilled food on the tiniest of grills.

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